Board Wash/Care

We put a lot of time and effort into the Finishing process of our Cutting Boards in the hopes that we provide you with a super long lasting and protective seal on your Board.  With the right care after use and over time, a board from us can last a lifetime.  Every once in awhile though, a Board might need to be Waxed for freshness.  You can send your Board to us and we will refinish it for you and make it look like new again, or you can freshen the finish yourself with some Odies Wax.

Wash Instructions:

Whichever Board you decide on, the way to Wash and Maintain is the same.

No Dishwasher!

Use WARM, not hot, soapy water to wash.  Dry the board with a towel and set it on its side on a drying rack until dry.

Wax Instructions:

 "Wax on, Wax off..."

With a grey non abrasive scouring pad, spread on some wax mixture on all surfaces and sides until the board is nice and coated. Let it rest for an hour while the wax works its way into the pores of the wood. With a terry towel or cloth, buff the wax until the board feels dry. Then let the board rest on its side in a drying rack overnight for the wax to cure.